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One of the features that makes iBooks a great platform is the ability to update material. When you purchase a study guide from us, we update the material on a regular basis as needed, which ends up being more or less monthly. Updates are free to you as a customer during the year of purchase, so the earlier in the calendar year you purchase, the more time you will have with a completely updated book throughout the calendar year. 2017 Books purchased will be updated free through December 31, 2017.

You will see these updates slightly differently, depending the device on which you are viewing the book.

What happens to highlights and notes?

Any highlights, notes, or marks you make will be automatically updated on all devices as long as the devices are online when you open the book. Updates on the pages that have been changed may not be carried over into the newly updated book, but all other notes will transfer.

What to look for

If you are looking on iBooks for Mac—

Your update indicator will be shown as a down arrow, circled in red in the graphic below.

Update 12

Clicking on the down arrow displays the update details including which book(s) have updates. The updates should download automatically at this point.

Update 18

Once the update is complete, the arrow disappears.

Update 10

A book which has not yet been downloaded from the cloud to your device has the cloud symbol in the upper right corner. To download, click the title page anywhere.

Update 17

On the iPad—

New books not yet downloaded also have a cloud symbol. New purchases have a “NEW” flag displayed in the upper right corner. You have not opened this book yet, but it is on your device.

Update 19

Here are other possible indications you may see on the iPad version:

Update 20

Anything else strange that you want me to address? Contact me using the form below!

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