Pricing & Versions


Pricing is currently $24.99 for printed books, and $14.99 for electronic version books, available through iBooks on the iTunes book store. This is slightly higher for electronic version books than was the case for our introductory period of late 2013 and all of 2014. This is the final target price that is planned, and further price increases are not expected.

Paper vs. Digital

Once purchased, you can keep the digital version forever. It will always be available for download thorugh your iTunes account. Updates will be made as documentation changes during the year of purchase, so for the 2016 books, free updates will be available for any book you purchase through December 31, 2016. After that, you can keep it forever, but it won’t be updated. The iBook versions are only $14.99 versus the paper copy price of $25 because I am passing along the savings in printing and distribution to customers.

The paper version is not updatable, and you can keep it forever, just as you can keep the iBook version as long as you like. But paper printed versions are never updatable. For this reason, the digital books are a much better value. I am trying to encourage annual purchases as a more cost effective way to keep your book current, but if you want to keep the version “as is” as was the case with paper, that is your option. And of course, the digital version won’t wear out. Any highlights or notes you make in the digital version will be reflected in any platform you choose to open the book—desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone. Try that with your printed book!

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We believe in giving back!

A portion of the proceeds from each book goes to support Kenya Kids Can! To learn more about this incredible opportunity to help, click below!


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