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Special Offer for December Purchases

All of the 2016 version Study Guides have now been removed from the iTunes / iBooks store, and have been replaced with the upgraded 2017 editions. If you purchased a 2016 book during December of 2016, you did not gain the advantage of updates on this book. In the interest of fairness, if you purchased a 2016 book in the last month of the calendar year, I will upgrade that purchase to a 2017 book.

I have no insight into who the purchasers are, so if you are in that category and want to take advantage of this offer, please email me using the contact form below. Just send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you an upgrade voucher.

Thanks for your continued support of these guides!

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Time for 2017 Books!

It’s not just the new year, it is the start of a new annual opportunity. Those who purchase early in the year take full advantage of the update capability of the Pilot Study Guides offer—free updates for the calendar year during the year of purchase! No other Study Guide we have found makes this incredible and valuable offer to customers.

We believe in giving back!

A portion of the proceeds from each book goes to support Kenya Kids Can! To learn more about this incredible opportunity to help, click below!


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Understanding Systems, Avoiding Incidents

Understanding of basic aircraft systems is no longer an option, and is no longer basic! As complexity and automation layers increase, the importance of our involvement with the airplane and its systems continues to be critical. The actual workings of the airplane behind the scenes may be more automated and hidden, but they are just as important as ever. Unfortunately, without proper understanding of the layers, the actual working systems are more difficult to understand.

A recent National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report on the Asiana 777 incident in July, 2013 highlights the problem.

“The PF had an inaccurate understanding of how the Boeing 777 A/P and A/T systems interact to control airspeed in FLCH SPD mode, what happens when the A/T is overridden and the throttles transition to HOLD in a FLCH SPD descent, and how the A/T automatic engagement feature operates.”

The report cited numerous opportunities for this incident to have been avoided had the crew had better information, and had they acted on that understanding.

Systems understanding has always been important, but airlines tend to emphasize it less and depend on automation to cover the shallow understanding of their pilots. Training costs and the pressure to do more training with less time in the classroom results from economic, not safety pressures. Don’t be part of the problem. Professional pilots take the time to study and know their airplanes.